Company Profile

For the last 16 years, Centaury+ has played an active part in the field of sports surfaces and air domes. By gaining experience through actual implementation and setting up multiple inflatable sports halls and domes, in Slovakia and abroad, we at Centaury+ take pride in our reputation as a company that is committed to building trust and establishing a relationship with their clients by working efficiently and diligently on every project.

Our accumulation of talent and experience over the last few years means that Centaury+ has culminated a reputation as a company that provides the best solutions when it comes to air domes. From getting more out of less space to the freedom of customization, there are several benefits of choosing our air domes.

Centaury+ takes pride in its highly diverse and accomplished workforce, which is made up of 3 installation teams, each having at least three years of prior experience with inflatable dome installation. It isn’t wrong to say, at the very least, that such a dedicated workforce forms the basis of what Centaury+ stands for. 


We at Centaury+ believe that true success remains rooted in always improving the service we provide. And it is only with this mindset that we as a company have been able to progress and present the idea of double-layered domes.

A double-layered dome is a simple idea coming with a complex implementation that allows clients to save up to 30% on heating costs compared to conventional inflated domes. It works based on a dual-layer principle, wherein air between the two layers forms a cushion- acting as a perfect thermal insulator.

Centaury+ strives hard for such implementations that enhance customer satisfaction and experience!


Centaury+, as a company, doesn’t compromise on the quality of the products it delivers nor the materials used. We take pride in only using materials of the highest quality, all the while maintaining a competitive price level. The quality of our air domes makes our structures standstill even in the worst climate conditions. Centaury+ has a wide range of suppliers, ranging from manufacturers in Germany, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Environmental Solutions

Unlike many others in the same field, Centaury+ distinguishes itself from the lot by sourcing environmentally safe products. When it comes to the heating systems of our domes, we strictly abide by the regulations of the locality we are working in. While having the option to use petroleum and diesel, we prefer gas (which, compared to other alternatives such as heating systems fueled by diesel or petroleum, is classified as “clean burning”), which produce a very minimal quantity of carbon dioxide emissions. But, ultimately, this can be altered according to the local laws of your country or area.