Company Profile

Centaury s.r.o. company is active in the fields of air domes and sports surfaces, for more than 16 years. During this period we have successfully implemented many projects of inflatable domes and sports halls in Slovakia and abroad. During the time, we have gained much experience in this field, which can only be obtained during the actual implementation and thus acquired a valuable know-how. In practice, this translates to a range of reliable suppliers, from whom we purchase source materials, the ability to be able to predict a variety of difficult conditions caused by external factors such as climatic conditions, which influence the selection of appropriate materials etc.

We have three own installation teams ready, consisting of skilled workers, each of which has at least three years experience with assembly of air domes and artificial surfaces. All this guarantees high-quality implementation, which has an impact on the overall life of the air dome or playground.


We believe that the basis of success springs from new thoughts and ideas. One of such great ideas is a double-layer air dome! Decide on the type of hall and save thousands of euros! The technology is based on the principle of two layers, which create an air cushion – an ideal thermal insulator. It is a simple solution that will save more than 30% of the costs of air domes heating, in comparison with conventional inflatable hall. That's called an upgrade!

We believe that the best advertisement is a satisfied customer, so we place you and your satisfaction first.


We place emphasis on high quality while maintaining a competitive price level, thus meeting the needs of a wide range of customers. We acquire input materials directly from manufacturers in Germany, Italy and Czech Republic. All our suppliers meet ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14000 environmental management system, which guarantees compliance with high standards in the production process as well as the quality of the raw materials used to produce different end products.

Environmental Solutions

W provide air domes and playgrounds made of environmentally safe materials. For heating purpose, we prefer gas units, which have "clean burning" (when compared to aggregates fueled by diesel or fuel oil) and produce practically no emissions other than the minimum quantity of CO2.